Maulana Sakti presenting about SEO best practices in DevFest Medan 2023

My name is Maulana. I'm a marketer and an SEO learner.

Currently, I am an SEO at Epicareer and a contributor at DailySEO ID. Prior to this, I was also an SEO at Pacmann.

I help people learn SEO and serve as an SDC (Student Development Contributor) in RevoU.

I love reading books, tweet threads, blogs, and learning about design and digital things.

I write on this blog mostly about SEO, my own stories and experiences, resources, learning tips, the internet, books, and a few random things.

I also write on Quora, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

I could help you with SEO (though I'd prefer to help via consultation, but yeah, let's chat!), reach me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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